Beating the Slump | Reading Corner

I believe there are three things that keep me from reaching my reading goals.

The first reason being money because obviously without it you can’t purchase books. The second is time management which I will admit I suck at in all aspects of my life. Finally, the third reason being too slumped to even look at a book.

If you’re an avid reader, then you’ll know that reading slumps are the absolute worse and I have been in one for months!

I believe that it is finally time to kick this slump in the butt and dive back into a good book. However, how do I do that when I can barely look at a book much less read one?

Well, I’ll have you know this isn’t my first battle with a monstrous slump and it certainly won’t be the last. That being said, I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve to help me get back to my TBR.

The first tip is to obviously get inspired to read. After all, if you don’t have the motivation to actually read then you will never want to. I do this by watching BookTube (YouTube videos based on books) and by checking out other book bloggers. Sometimes even talking to a friend about books will be enough to inspire me to pick one up.

Once inspired, I jump to my next tip which is to read something. I want to do this as soon as I get inspired because who knows how long that motivation will last. That being said, don’t just grab the closest book around – especially if it’s long.

Instead, opt for a book that’s short and that you know you’ll enjoy. This could be a reread of one of your favorites or a quick graphic novel. When I am in a slump, I choose to reread Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. It’s definitely not the shortest book on my shelf but it’s certainly my favorite!

Anyways, the next (and the last) tip that I have for you is probably the most important one. Which is to just enjoy the slump.

Weird, I know. After all, how can someone who loves books enjoy a reading slump?

Well, as weird as it may sound I actually didn’t hate this slump. I was very stressed these past few months and though reading is usually helps with that, it kind of just made it worse. So, taking a break from reading was actually a good thing for me.

If you ever find yourself in a slump and have a hard time getting out of it, then try to enjoy it by doing other things you love. For example, instead of reading, I spent time painting and trying new recipes which are two things that I truly enjoy. I also ended spending more time with my friends and family which was something I really needed.

Just remember that reading slumps don’t last forever even though they may seem that way sometimes. I would love to hear what tricks you guys use to beat the slump and who knows they may even help someone else!

Well, time to get back to reading but first, I need to refill my coffee.

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