Beating the Slump | Reading Corner

I believe there are three things that keep me from reaching my reading goals. The first reason being money because obviously without it you can't purchase books. The second is time management which I will admit I suck at in all aspects of my life. Finally, the third reason being too slumped to even look … Continue reading Beating the Slump | Reading Corner

20 Questions | A Writer’s Tag

I am a writer. This is a simple statement, one that I think leaves way too much to the imagination and leads people to a lot of questions. So, I thought that the best way you guys can get to know me better as a writer is by doing a writer's tag.

Hello! | My First Blog Post

The best way that to start off this blog, I think, is by letting you know a little bit about me, telling you about this blog, and reasons why you should consider following. So, pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee and let's dive in...